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New Elementary Adventure Camp!


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Elementary Explorers Adventure Camp!

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Spend 7 weeks with us this summer as we particpate in, Water Play Activities, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Games, Cooking Projects, Dance, Read, Inspire, Garden and Grow Together!

Our camp was specifically designed for children ages 5 years to 10 years.

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Join us for an amazing Summer!

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Our Elementary Adventure Camp is available full day beginning June 3rd!

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Due to limited space, Camp weeks must be booked in 2 week blocks, except for the week of July 22nd.

Children must be between the ages of 5 years to 10 years old.

To ensure our students have the greatest experience, we ONLY have 10 spaces available in our Elementary Camp Program.

Camp weeks are available as follows:

June 3rd-June 14th

June 17th-June 28th

July 8th-July 19th

July 22nd-July 26th

To reserve a camp block you will need to pay a $125 deposit for each block you reserve. The remaining balance will be due before each block begins.

Reservation Deposits are NON-Refundable.

Payment Plan Schedule:

Payment 1: $475 Due May 31st, Payment 2: $475 Due June 14th, Payment 3: $475 Due July 1st, Payment 4: $175 Due July 15th




Weekly Rate


Monthly Total

Paid in 2 payments of $475 plus dep= $1200



Weekly Rate


Monthly Total

Paid in 2 payments of $475 and $200 plus dep = $900

Things to Know

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Our school is a Screen and Device FREE school. We do not allow any students to bring in IPads, laptops, cell phones, apple watches, ear pods, video games, handheld devices etc. into our facility. All cell phones and devices will need to be left at home or they will be confiscated until parents pick them up. Our school Philosophy entails a Natural Learning Process, with reduced EMF exposure (as we can) inside the classroom. We want children to focus on relationship building, team building and experiential play while they are here at camp.  

Students will need to pack a ready to serve (non-heated) lunch in a lunch box.

We offer the following breakfast and snack dietary accommodations for children:

(upon request and with a written care plan in place)

Gluten Free, Corn Free, Nut Free or Dairy Free, we serve coconut yogurt as our dairy-yogurt replacement

We do not serve: 

Beef, Pork or Shellfish as a meat option (Chicken & Turkey only), juice, food dyes, candy, gum, chips, gummy fruit snacks, soda or any junk food.

If you prefer to pack your child a breakfast, to accomodate their dietary needs, PLEASE DO NOT pack any of the food items (labeled in red) as we will not allow them to be served in our facility. 


Elementary students will have access to breakfast everyday from 8:30am-8:45am. As part of our practical life skills philosophy, students will be able to pick and choose the items they would like to eat/make/create for their breakfast. Students will also have access to small appliance items such as; a blender, toaster, hand juicer etc. to make their own smoothies, juices, toast, bagels, snacks etc. Items will vary each day with a scheduled menu.

All food served is organic and dye free.

Natural Learning Process

Screen Free learning, where children explore, experience and expand their knowledge in a real and practical way, without technology!

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Our Mission

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Inspire Learning

We inspire learning by providing hands on experiences both inside and outside of the classroom where children can freely explore.

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Build Confidence

We believe in the power of positive language and impactful teaching. We empower our students to believe in themselves and build up the conifdent to try hard things!

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Grow Together

We are a community who ensures that every student in our program feels valued nurtured and respected. Together we learn and grow as a team. Children learn how to model positive and inclusive behavior, kindness and respect for each other.

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