Busy Bodies Playhouse

*Reggio Emilia, Nature Inspired,
Natural Holistic Preschool
Creative Curriculum & Organic Fresh Meals*

5323 Bells Ferry Rd. Acworth, GA 30102

We are so excited to announce our
Itty-Bitty Babies and Teensy-Tots Program!

We are a Reggio Emilia, Nature Inspired, Natural Holistic School.

Our unique approach provides children with the opportunity to have their educational experiences created to fit "the whole child" approach. The Reggio Emilia philosophy has a deep understanding of the 100 languages of children. We emphasize children experiencing the wider world in a multitude of ways. We create a rich early childhood educational environment for children to learn, grow and thrive in!

During their time here children will experience hands-on exploration, nature play, a deep understanding of art and music, Spanish immersion lessons, a creative-based curriculum, caring for animals, gardening, science, and field trips into our community. We have created a small, warm, nurturing environment, where children learn to care about their community and become an integral part of it.

Step 1: Book a Tour

Step 2: Fill out our Registration Form

Step 3: Pay the Registration Fee

Step 4: Review our School Supply List

Step 5: Sign Parent agreement, return all necessary documents,
schedule your trial days, time to begin school!


What is a Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach?

"Reggio Emilia schools create environments that inspire and support creative thinking and invention. If building and sustaining relationships are to be the foundation of a learning community, then creativity must always be present. Creativity is the conduit—the instrument that allows us to communicate with and understand others."

"That philosophy is reflected in an environment that encircles the child with three “teachers,” or protagonists. The first teacher—the parent—takes on the role of active partner and guide in the education of the child. The second is the classroom teacher. Often working in pairs, the classroom teacher assumes the role of researcher and intentionally engages children in meaningful work and conversation. The third teacher is the environment—a setting designed to be not only functional but also beautiful and reflective of the child’s learning. It is the child’s relationship with parent, teacher, and environment that ignites learning."

The atelier is an important part of the Reggio Emilia approach because it provides children with a space to express themselves and to explore their creativity. In the atelier, children have access to a wide variety of materials and tools, such as paint, clay, and scissors, which allows them to experiment and explore different forms of art. The atelierista is responsible for providing the children with opportunities to use these materials in ways that are meaningful to them.

Small Ratios Impact Learning

We believe that our learning environment should be one that- provides our students and teachers with the greatest success! Having small group learning; gives us the ability to provide more one-on-one time with each child and have the opportunity to get to know each child on an individualized level. We want to observe, document and understand how each child learns and thinks to help navigate rich educational experiences that are created for each child in our classroom. Busy Bodies Playhouse believes in nurturing and caring for "the whole child." We do not believe that children can be condensed to a "one size fits all" educational approach.

A small group learning environment provides our students and teachers with low stress, opportunities to bond with each child, and an environment that does not over stimulate our students or teachers due to over crowding. Our SMALL group approach, provides a pathway to nurture the experiences and memories that children get to make with their caregivers and it impacts learning in a BIG way! Giving our little ones the greatest opportunity for success!

State Guided Ratios Busy Bodies Ratios

1 Teacher to 6 infants, max group 12

1 to 4 Ratio, 2 Teachers up to 8 children 1m-17m

1 Teacher to 8 one year olds, max group 16

1 to 6 Ratio, 2 Teachers up to 12 children 18m-2 years

1 Teacher to 10 two year olds, max group 20

1 to 6 Ratio, 2 Teachers up to 12 children 2-3 years

1 Teacher to 15 three year old, max group 30

1 to 7 Ratio, 2 Teachers up to 14 children 3-5 years

1 teacher to 18 four year olds, max group 36

1 to 7 Ratio, 2 Teachers 14 children 3-5 years

Nutrition is Key!

We pride ourselves on being a Holistic, non-toxic (as much as we can), eco friendly, allergy and health conscious school. We believe nutrition plays a KEY role in children being able to thrive and excel both physically and academically. Studies have shown that by reducing our daily toxin load, not only are we less likely to get sick but we are able to focus more and perform better. A healthy and balanced diet free of toxins, chemicals, food dyes and processed foods is helpful in keeping our bodies running efficiently and better equipped to fight off germs when they come our way!


Fresh breakfast served each morning.

Children will need to pack a ready to serve (non-heated) lunch in a lunch box.

We offer the following breakfast and snack dietary accomodations for children:

(upon request and with a written care plan in place)

Gluten Free, Corn Free, Nut Free or Dairy Free, we serve coconut yogurt as our dairy-yogurt replacement.

We do not serve: 

Beef, Pork or Shellfish as a meat option (Chicken & Turkey only), juice, food dyes, candy, gum, chips, gummy fruit snacks, soda or any junk food.

If you prefer to pack your child a breakfast, to accomodate their dietary needs, PLEASE DO NOT pack any of the food items (labeled in red) as we will not allow them to be served in our facility. 

Meal Times:

Arrival: 8:00am

Breakfast: 8:30am-8:45am (we provide)

Lunch: 11:30am-11:45am (packed lunch)

Nap Time: 12:30pm-2:30/3:00pm

Snack Time: 3:15pm-3:30pm (we provide)

Dismissal time: 5:00pm


Young infants feeding and sleep schedule is on demand!

Cleaning with Care

Holisitc cleaning with care for our environment, bodies and health.

Here at Busy Bodies Playhouse we have carefully selected cleaning products that not only sanitize and clean, but also keep your child's health in mind. We use an EPA registered natural, non-toxic cleaner daily to sanitize toys and play areas. Along with plant based sanitizer wipes to keep our children's play spaces and classrooms exceptionally clean without compromising our health with toxic chemicals.

What do we do at school?  

During the school day, Children will enjoy Creative based curriculum, plenty of outside playtime, gardening, feeding chickens, caring for classroom pets, an amazing indoor play space, our Zumbini music program, art, loose play parts and free play. Children have the ability to freely explore our playroom and engage in activities and crafts that interest them through out the day.

Our Reggio Emilia approach gives each child access to art materials and an art space to freely create! We love hanging their art up around the room for children to admire their work.

Come join in on all the fun!

We are a Year-Round Program.

Have Questions?

Contact us at: 678-717-8900 or BusyBodiesPlayhouseinfo@gmail.com

Together we are creating memories that will last your little one a lifetime!