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5323 Bells Ferry Rd. Acworth GA

We are a Reggio Emilia, Nature Inspired, Natural Holistic Preschool. Our unique approach provides children with the opportunity to have their educational experiences created to fit "the whole child" approach. The Reggio Emilia philosophy has a deep understanding of the 100 languages of children. We emphasize children experiencing the wider world in a multitude of ways. We create a rich early childhood educational environment for children to learn, grow and thrive in!

During their time here children will experience hands-on exploration, nature play, a deep understanding of art and music, Spanish immersion lessons, a creative-based curriculum, caring for animals, gardening, science, and field trips into our community. We have created a small, warm, nurturing environment, where children learn to care about their community and become an integral part of it.

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Registration & Curriculum Materials Fee:

$250 per child


We have created our tuition rates in such a manner that whether there is four weeks or five weeks in the month we charge the same rate of tuition. Why? There are many months where there are 22-23 class days being offered instead of 20 class days.

These extra class days' pay for our Teachers Holiday closures and help balance out our paid time off. We feel this is a fair way to allow us our Holiday Schedule without it impeding on our families or fluctuating their rates throughout the year.


Tuition is paid in 2 installments each month on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Tuition rates include any fees incurred for using a credit or debit card.

We accept all major credit & debit cards for payment.


Registration Process

  1. 1. Families who are interested in our program MUST attend a tour


(student AND parent are required to attend).

2. To secure your child's slot you must pay your child's registration fee and fill out our online registration form. Please reserve a tour first.  

3. We believe children thrive best when families and caregivers share mutal philosophies, respect and are able to collaborate as a team approach.

4. We believe that a child learns best when all of their needs are being met. Although we may not be able to meet the needs of every child, we strive to do all we can to ensure that during their time here we are giving them the best that we can offer. If for any reason we are unable to meet your child's needs or our staff is not qualified to handle the level of care your child requires, we will inform you right away. We reserve the right to decline a client if we are unable to meet those child's individual needs. This shall be determined on a case by case basis.

5. All Children attending our program will have a 2 week non-obligatory trial period to determine if we are mutually a good fit. Children who have never been in childcare before may be subject to attend additional drop in care days prior to their first day of school to help them ease their transition into fulltime care.  

Creative Curriculum & Spanish

Learning is so much fun!

Our custom made interactive learning books provide nurturing, fun and exciting curriculum for our students. Throughout the day children are free to do arts & crafts, play fun games and explore our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom. Throughout the week children will practice speaking in both Spanish and English as part of our language immersion program.

Music & Movement

Music Instruments, Dance, Spanish Immersion

As part of our Spanish immersion program we provide music and fun songs in both English and Spanish!


Caring for animals & Gardening

We care deeply about nature, pets and our community!

Caring for animals teaches our young explorers about responsibility, caring deeply for others and bonding with pets. During our outside time, we learn all about natures most amazing resources our garden! Children will help tend to the garden and eat from it!

"The Reggio Emilia classroom is very welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Teachers draw inspiration from the community, their students’ cultures, nature, and fill the room with natural, colorful, and useful materials – from musical instruments to seashells. Reggio-inspired classrooms are designed to encourage relationships, communication, and collaboration through play. Classroom materials are thoughtfully incorporated to encourage creativity, problem-solving work, experimentation, exploration and open-ended play.

An open environment for learning also creates flexibility, giving teachers the space to be more responsive to the individual needs of each child in the classroom. When a child is given the chance to explore something on her own – particularly in nature – she can take the time to learn and understand more about the object or concept. The teacher may ask the curious student to draw a picture to describe this object, or act out a feeling it provokes using pretend play. The possibilities are endless when you open the door to open-ended exploration, and discover the educational power of play.

This alternative-style classroom is set up in a way that reflects the culture that the child living in. Elements of light, transparency, and natural materials are a big focus of the aesthetic design within the classroom. Children are given access to learning materials (such as books, crayons, and blocks), but the layout and style of the class is built around the notion that children should be inspired to direct their own learning. There is also some open space for children to explore their hundred languages, and to allow free movement where it is desired – such as dancing, making music, or playing pretend. There are no assigned seats in a Reggio Emilia classroom. This concept encourages organic opportunities for exploration and connection, and sparks a real joy in learning for young students."

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