Meet our Early Childhood Education Team!

Mrs. Basha

Founder, COO of Busy Bodies Playhouse

The owner, Basha, has spent over 17 years teaching and educating children within her community. At 18, she started her career teaching preschool, and in 2006 she received her early childhood teaching certificate in California. Basha then went on to receive her director of education Certification in 2008. She later graduated from the University of Arizona Global campus with a Bachelor's in Business Organized Management and a specialization in Organization Development and is Currently completing her Masters in Business Organizational Management. In recent years, she has managed, developed, and provided consulting to other childcare centers and Franchise units in multiple states for large organizations.

She is passionate about building relationships with families and children and thoroughly enjoys building community. As a mother to a blended family of seven children, she believes that a rich learning environment helps nurture and foster space for the 100 languages in which a child learns and grows.

"I am on a mission to share the joy, beauty, and profound experience of what it is like to attend a Reggio Emilia, Nature Inspired School. I am confident you will not find another unique, nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, warm, and loving environment such as Busy Bodies Playhouse. We have taken the time to nurture every detail of our environment and program offerings to ensure a well rounded, high quality educational experience for both the parent and the child. It is my goal to knit our little community into a place that provides education, friendship and resources to both the child and the parent. I truly believe that school should feel like an extension of home for each child to learn and grow in."

-Mrs Basha

Meet our School Team

Miss Michelle

School Director & Supervisory Teacher

Miss Michelle has been working with children for the last 10 years and has her Georgia Directors Certifcation and a TCC Certification in Early Childhood Education. Michelle also speaks entry level Spanish, she teaches circle time, songs and games in Spanish throughout the day to her students. Her passion for working with children began at the young age of nine when she began volunteering as a helper in her churches nursery. In her spare time, you can find her volunteering in the community or preparing for her next mission trip!

"I am excited to be a part of a Reggio Emilia inspired school as I strongly believe that a community centered approach coupled with the focus on allowing an organic learning process to develop within a classroom creates an environment that faciliates success for each child!"

-Miss Michelle

Mrs. Carmen

Assistant Spanish Teacher

Mrs Carmen has been working with children for more then 10 years. Her experience with children began at a young age, caring for her 5 siblings as the eldest sister. As an adult she began teaching and caring for children at her local church. Mrs Carmen is orginally from Venezuela, her family and herself relocated to the United States several years ago where she has been teaching at a local private preschool. In 2021 while teaching, she completed her CDA in early childhood education along with several other early childhood education certifications. Mrs Carmen is married with 2 daughters, and a grandson. She brings a passion for teaching her language and culture to foster a supportive and stimulating learning environment for children.

"I believe that every child is a unique individual who needs care and a safe environment in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. I am excited to contribute to the vibrant community of Busy Bodies Playhouse and collaborate with children, parents, and staff to ensure a fulfilling educational experience for all. Commitment is an indispensable attitude that we all need to be more successful in our personal and work lives. I am confident in creating culturally immersive and interactive experiences to awaken children’s interest and appreciation for the Spanish language and Hispanic culture."

-Mrs Carmen

Miss Rachel

Lead Teacher

 Miss Rachel has been working with children since 2018. Rachel graduated with her associates degree in early childhood education. She also holds a TCC Certification in Early Childhood Education and holds several certifications in special education. Miss Rachel knows basic phrases and words in Spanish and practices colors, shapes and numbers with her students daily.  

"I was initially drawn to the Reggio Emilia approach because of its emphasis on creating a loving, nurturing community and a beautiful environment for children to thrive in. I do not just want to teach; I want to nurture and guide our future leaders. I believe that, if you want to create a world rooted in kindness, love, and justice, it begins with young children. Our children are the next generation of leaders, scholars and entrepreneurs. I cannot wait to play a part in helping them see their inner potential and skills."

-Miss Rachel

Mrs. Rebecca

On-call Floater Teacher

Mrs Rebecca is an amazing parent whose children attend Busy Bodies Playhouse. As a parent in our community and volunteer for our programming, we are excited to be able to lean on her for our on-call emergency Substitute teaching needs.

Resource Teachers & Partnerships

Speech Therapy

Coming Soon

Interested in becoming a resource to our campus?

Please send us an email at:

Behavioral Support Specialist

Miss Beth-Marie

One-on-One Support Coach

Ms. Beth-Marie has been working with children for more than 20 years, including work as a lead teacher, substitute teacher, teacher trainer, program director, parent coach, and play therapist. She provides individual, family, and school-based therapy through Early Connections Child & Family Counseling. If your child has difficulty integrating into a preschool setting, has been disenrolled from previous schools, has experienced difficult life circumstances, therapy may help. Beth-Marie takes a person-in-environment approach to therapy, understanding that emotions and behaviors happen in a context, and this is why she provides therapy at school rather than just in-office.

"I smile every time I step into the Busy Bodies classroom. I love working with the teachers and families here and appreciate the school's openness to having me come in and work with students who need a little extra help, and their willingness to cooperate with me to find the best strategies to support those students."

Language & Music Education

Spanish Program  


Here at Busy Bodies Playhouse, our teachers immerse Spanish into the children's daily vocabulary throughout each day. They speak words, phrases, songs and circle time activities daily in Spanish.

Zumbini Music

Music Program

Music, movement, and instrument play enhance a child's language, memory, and literacy development. Our classes connect children with their peers through dynamic song, dance, and instrument play.

Busy Bodies Playhouse